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Celebrate our success!

CarolynWelcome to our year of celebrations marking an amazing 150 years of public library service in Christchurch.

We have such a lot to be proud of in our public library service. From its beginnings the public library in Christchurch has provided residents with the precious resources of recreational reading and information with the public spaces to enjoy them in. It was the reputation for excellence that inspired me to come and work here in 2003; I wanted to be part of this dynamic and successful public library.

Reflecting on the development of the service I’m struck by how well it has adapted to the physical, social and technological changes that have impacted our community over the years. This ability to adapt and evolve alongside the community has kept Christchurch City Libraries relevant and accessible throughout its history.

The library network has expanded as the city has grown and now provides a network of libraries across the city and Banks Peninsula. It has also developed a strong online presence with access to journal articles, a range of general and specialised databases, newspapers, ebooks as well as catalogue access to over a million borrowable items.

Our library buildings now provide places where we can browse, relax, learn and meet friends for coffee. These attractive vibrant spaces provide a “living room away from home” giving customers more reasons to stay and enjoy their libraries for longer.

We really have come a long way!

The regular flow of positive feedback we receive from customers and the high rate of library membership in Christchurch (over 70%) is evidence that high quality service continues to be the foundation of the Christchurch City Library experience to this day. I have the privilege of working with the many dedicated, professional staff that give Christchurch City Libraries this enviable reputation.

I hope you will join us in celebrating our 150 year anniversary by entering our competitions, sharing your memories, coming to our events, enjoying our displays and eating some birthday cake in August.

Mostly I hope you continue to discover and enjoy all that we have on offer as Christchurch City Library members.

Carolyn Robertson, Libraries and Information Manager, Christchurch City Libraries


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