Diary, May 1862 to May 1864

Cover imageSummary Joseph Munnings (1841-1923) worked as a farm labourer, carter, and storekeeper. Referring to his diaries as logbooks, he wrote about the weather, his work, leisure time and social activities. The diaries run from 1862-1866. The diary runs from 8 May 1862 to 30 May 1864.

Collection location Archive 971

Publication information Unpublished

Additional information

Joseph Munnings arrived in Lyttelton in 1859 on board the Zealandia. Joseph married Emma Brown on 25 July 1866. In 1878 he established a successful jam manufacturing business. He was one of the founders of St Barnabas Anglican Church in Fendalton.

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This material has been digitised from the Archives and Manuscripts collection of Christchurch City Libraries.