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Surname: Dillon
First name(s): William Lawrence
Date of death: Saturday, 25 October 2003
Cemetery: Waimairi
Date of burial: Thursday, 30 October 2003
Block number: Lawn
Plot number: 1047
Age: 91 years
Address: [For privacy reasons this address is not displayed]
Occupation: Retired Army Officer
Place of birth:
Years in New Zealand: Life

All burials in this plot
Surname   First Name   Date of Death Date of Burial  
DILLON EVA JANE 14/03/1991 16/03/1991 [Detail]
Dillon William Lawrence 25/10/2003 30/10/2003 [Detail]

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Disclaimer: Many of the records in this database were transcribed from the original handwritten cemetery records of the Christchurch City Council. There may be either errors in the original record or from the transcription process as some of the handwritten records were difficult to read.

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