Halswell Project, 2015. Nicholas Glen.

Matt S at the public basketball courts : Image 1 of 1

Image of Matt S. at the public basketball courts in Westmorland. 3/04/2015 15:49

  • Title Matt S. at the public basketball courts in Westmorland.
  • Creator Nicholas Glen
  • Date 3/04/2015 15:49
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  • Notes Photographer's note : Local youth enjoying the public basketball courts in Westmorland - Matt S. Matt S : ."Generally there isn't a lot for someone my age to in this area of Christchurch, today's an uncommon occasion. Usually my life consists of going to uni in Ilam, working and playing NBA2K (basketball game) on my Playstation."
  • Source Digital collection
  • Parent Collection Halswell Project, 2015
  • Parent Collection Description The Halswell project is a collaboration between Christchurch City Libraries and the University of Canterbury, School of Fine Arts to create a documentary photographic record of the wider Halswell area. Ellenor Waters, Nicholas Glen and Mitchell Bright from the School of Fine Arts created a body of photographic images of people and the physical and social environment, a unique collection that reflects the diversity of the wider Halswell area in 2015.
  • File Reference CCL-HP2015-NG-IMG-3493

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    Photographed by School of Fine Arts interns, University of Canterbury, for the Halswell Project 2015.