Halswell Project, 2015. Mitchell Bright.

Washing up, Halswell Pottery Group : Image 1 of 1

Image of Washing up, Halswell Pottery Group, 9 Candys Road. 15-08-2015 11:18 a.m.

  • Title Washing up, Halswell Pottery Group, 9 Candys Road.
  • Creator Mitchell Bright
  • Date 15-08-2015 11:18 a.m.
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  • Notes Photographer's note : Washing up. Halswell Pottery Group. 9 Candys Road.
  • Source Digital collection
  • Parent Collection Halswell Project, 2015
  • Parent Collection Description The Halswell project is a collaboration between Christchurch City Libraries and the University of Canterbury, School of Fine Arts to create a documentary photographic record of the wider Halswell area. Ellenor Waters, Nicholas Glen and Mitchell Bright from the School of Fine Arts created a body of photographic images of people and the physical and social environment, a unique collection that reflects the diversity of the wider Halswell area in 2015.
  • File Reference CCL-HP2015-MB-DSCF2022

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    Photographed by School of Fine Arts interns, University of Canterbury, for the Halswell Project 2015.