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Image of Edward Herbert Aubrey : Soldier's diary 1917-1919.

  • Title Edward Herbert Aubrey : Soldier's diary
  • Creator Edward Herbert Aubrey
  • Date 1917-1919.
  • Transcription 1917 June 27 Wed
    This is a much better place than it promised to be on first arriving. The staff all Australians & pretty rough but good fellows. The food is good & so far we seem to get plenty of it. I wish they fed us as well in the field. There are 12 men in each big tent. 9 Australians, 2 Yeomanry & myself
    1917 June 28 Thurs
    Nothing startling has happened here today. We have put in the time in the same old way doing some reading & writing and having some arguments.
    Two taubes flew over us - about five o'clock - they were very high up. our machines were out also but as far as we could see nothing doing
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  • Collection Description World War I diary kept by Edward Herbert Aubrey (1891-1963) from May 1917 to November 1917, with brief notes from 1918 and 1919. Some pages were removed and sent to relatives.
  • Parent Collection Description Edward Aubrey served from 10 February 1916 to 19 February 1919. He embarked on the Waihora in December 1916 with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, 19th Reinforcements, New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade. Aubrey served in Egypt; and after being wounded on 5 November 1917 part of his left leg was amputated. Edward Aubrey spent his remaining service in medical care in Egypt and then Britain. On his return to New Zealand he returned to farming in the Omarama area on land won in a ballot as part of a Returned Soldiers' initiative.
  • Collection Location Private collection
  • File Reference CCL-Aubrey-1917-045

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