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Image of Edward Herbert Aubrey : Soldier's diary 1917-1919.

  • Title Edward Herbert Aubrey : Soldier's diary
  • Creator Edward Herbert Aubrey
  • Date 1917-1919.
  • Transcription 1917 May 30 Wed
    We are not dong much now except looking after our horses. We take them to water twice a day. The watering places are about fours miles from here & it is a very dusty ride, but each man takes two horses & so we only have one trip by taking the horses turn about. A taube came over this afternoon, but two of our battle planes went to meet him. He did not wait for trouble turned & went for his life.
    1917 May 31 Thurs
    Two of the fellows who came over in the 19th & are now in the Camel Corps were over to see me today. Their company is at present camped about 3 miles from where we are & they are supposed to be having a rest also. The are very tired of the camels & would much sooner be in a squadron with horses. Brought enough water home today to do some washing carried it in my nose-bay from water trough.
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  • Collection Description World War I diary kept by Edward Herbert Aubrey (1891-1963) from May 1917 to November 1917, with brief notes from 1918 and 1919. Some pages were removed and sent to relatives.
  • Parent Collection Description Edward Aubrey served from 10 February 1916 to 19 February 1919. He embarked on the Waihora in December 1916 with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, 19th Reinforcements, New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade. Aubrey served in Egypt; and after being wounded on 5 November 1917 part of his left leg was amputated. Edward Aubrey spent his remaining service in medical care in Egypt and then Britain. On his return to New Zealand he returned to farming in the Omarama area on land won in a ballot as part of a Returned Soldiers' initiative.
  • Collection Location Private collection
  • File Reference CCL-Aubrey-1917-030

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