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  • Title Dear Glen [Western Desert?]
  • Creator Howard Kippenberger
  • Date 20/7/40
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  • Notes Letter summary: 752/4. 20 July 1940. Letter to Glen, pleased to receive his letter of 21 June. Mentions lack of mail and that some must be accumulating somewhere. Tells of being acting Brigadier of a mixed outfit. Somewhere near Matuck, near the sea so the men are able to bath everyday. Comments that they are not the first NZ troops to bath in the Mediterranean. Confined to shelters for this letter due to weather. Weather generally quite good and are loathe to head back towards Cairo. Life more interesting by the sea. Heard one air raid on Matuck at 2am and saw another at 9am. His company D was there so "hopped into a car and went to see how they'd fared." Closest to the bombing was a 100 yards and then they started to get further away. After the bombing went into Matuck to see damage - apparently not much. Had a drink with Brigadier I/C at Matuck returned to camp. Refers to WWI a couple of times when he finds himself in a similar area to fighting that took place in the earlier war. Went to Ra Kumm after lunch where they met a group of Arabs who were very pleased to see them and hospitable. Returned to camp in time for a bath and dinner. Another raid on Matuck at 2am. This time one bomber was brought down causing it to crash about two miles away. Headed back to Cairo in another week wanted to stop in Alexandria as he'd been there last war but hadn't had a good look. (The rest of this letter is very hard to read.)
  • Source Archive 752
  • Parent Collection World War II letters and cards, 1940-1945.
  • Parent Collection Description Howard Karl Kippenberger (1897-1957) was born in Ladbrooks, south of Christchurch. In 1916 he served at the Somme, where he was wounded and discharged. He trained as a lawyer, practising in Rangiora. In 1922 he married Ruth Isabel Flynn in Lyttelton. In 1939 at the outbreak of war he was given command of the 20th Canterbury/Otago Battalion. As these letters show, he served in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, rising to the rank of Major General. In Italy he stood on a land mine, losing both his feet. He became an administrator, in charge of the relocation of prisoners of war. Back home in New Zealand after the war he was appointed Editor-in-chief of the War History Branch of the Department of Internal Affairs. Service numbers: WWI 11682, WWII 7128.
  • Collection Location ANZC Archives
  • File Reference CCL-C81111945-013

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